Manage more productively and model strong communication through executive coaching

Whether writing is technical, sales oriented, financial, or managerial, this program will help leaders develop skills to

  • use writing as a strategic tool
  • write for action—accelerate change
  • address employee issues effectively
  • develop their people
  • coach others to write effectively.

Focused on individual needs
The quickest way to internalize new skills is through individualized instruction. After attending a group workshop, leaders can receive one or more individual coaching sessions. Each session is a unique opportunity to receive personalized feedback and specific advice to help with daily writing needs. The Better Communications® coach, a professional writer and editor, reviews the learner’s key documents, addresses individual needs and concerns, and reviews a variety of tools to reinforce and expand upon the skills learned in the group session.

During the coaching session, the facilitator works with each learner to create a Personal Learning Plan for long-range improvement using

  • on-the-job writing samples
  • results from the Better Communications’ Editing Inventory
  • diagnostic questionnaires.

What outcomes should you expect?
Leaders will receive

  • a personal assessment of strengths and weaknesses
  • a constructive critique of their writing—advice for success
  • recommended exercises—always job-related—based on individually diagnosed needs
  • tools for recreating their success, including the Document Analysis and Rating Tool (DART) and a laminated job aid.

How does the program work?

  1. Learners first attend a group workshop to learn the latest vision of strategic writing and how to achieve it. Focusing on a simple writing process that enhances their leadership skills and drives action, learners leave ready to practice advanced skills with their coach.
  2. Then learners attend one-on-one coaching sessions, which last 45 minutes. Better Communications can create a flexible structure and format that meets your needs. Coaching sessions can be in person or virtual, individual or in small groups.