Online Open Seminars–learn at your convenience

Better Communications has been delivering online learning since 1990. In the early days of online learning, at the request of a major client, we collaborated with Centra to develop the first facilitator-led, interactive business writing workshop. The results were so compelling that we transformed additional workshops to online platforms.

Today, we offer Reader-Centered Business Writing monthly on WebEx as an open session for individuals. On occasion, we also offer other workshops including


Why is our online learning so successful? Measurable results: visible change in documents

Proven behavioral change
The proof of behavioral change is right in the documents you write after the program. We use the Document Analysis and Rating Tool (DART) and Kirkpatrick ratings to identify and track improvement. Measurement quantifies productivity and document quality while helping you lock in your new skills.

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Document quality measurement with the DART
We stand by these typical results:

  • quality: our innovative assessment tools show that you can double the quality of your documents

  • speed: you can experience a 30% to 50% gain in writing productivity—and your readers will read your documents in half the time.

You will learn how to use the DART, an objective document measurement standard, after the workshop to keep your documents on track.