Do you want your trainers to deliver our courses in-house?

Why do globally competitive corporations train thousands in our process?
Our unique process confronts one of today's most fundamental challenges: the need to create professional documents and e-mail messages quickly. Reader-Centered Writing ensures clear, direct, and effective written communication. Learners will increase

  • quality: our innovative assessment tools show that learners double the quality of their documents
  • speed: learners show a 30% to 50% gain in writing productivity—and their readers estimate reading documents in half the time. We stand by these results.

What is the business impact of reader-centered documents?
Graduates of our workshops immediately apply their updated writing skills to

  • combat inbox and e-mail overload
  • sell ideas and services effectively: corporate messages are more compelling
  • improve their images as clear and strategic communicators
  • express customer focus in every document.

Who can be a trainer?
We can develop any experienced internal trainer who has the writing skills to help others analyze their audience, organize ideas strategically, design documents for impact, and edit for results.

Certification is quick and easy
A training professional is certified after attending a workshop and completing the training program, which can take place at your location or our headquarters in Waltham, MA.

The certification program consists of five phases:

  1. Candidate assessment
  2. Participation in a workshop
  3. Trainer development sessions
  4. Final rehearsal and check-out workshop
  5. Oral and written feedback to the candidate.