Basically WritingTM

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What outcomes can you expect?

In this introduction to business writing, learners will receive a three-step process for creating short, reader-centered documents. By applying this process, learners will write documents that

  • clarify actions requested, next steps, deadlines, and other commitments

  • reflect new confidence in constructing well-punctuated, grammatically correct sentences

  • meet readability standards by formatting and editing writing using a quick checklist.

The focus: creating business documents that drive action

Learners use The Six Steps to Reader-Centered Writing® to plan, draft, and edit an on-the-job document. During the group workshop, attendees learn to


Write attention-getting documents

  • develop strategic thinking skills
  • consider the audience in every document
  • design for visual impact, using correct business format

Influence the reader

  • adopt the “you” attitude and positive approach
  • choose the right words, content, and tone
  • organize and transition ideas effectively 

Streamline your message 

  • write clearly and concisely
  • share a common written language cross-functionally
  • avoid gobbledygook

Write for results

  • edit for impact using checklists and quality tools
  • write straightforward action steps and requests
  • proofread accurately for correct grammar and punctuation

Who should attend

  • entry-level professionals

  • administrative assistants

  • support staff

  • professionals transitioning into management positions

  • intermediate ESL people

  • information systems professionals

  • customer service representatives

  • seasoned professionals looking to update and refresh grammar and punctuation skills  

Blended learning and tools support ongoing development

  1. The Instant-Answer Guide to Business Writing, by Deborah Dumaine, founder of Better Communications®
  2. Better Communications’ workbook
  3. A self-paced learning module (optional, but highly recommended)

Earn CPE credits for this course.

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