Reader-Centered Technical WritingTM

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What outcomes can you expect?

Technical documents must be direct and meet reader needs. You will learn a six-step process that will help your messages

  • speed decisions and action
  • strengthen your online presence—blogs, online chat, and discussion forums
  • solidify plans without time-consuming requests for clarification.


You will

write for mixed audiences

  • choose content and the right amount of detail

  • analyze and explain complex data, providing appropriate context

  • use terms, abbreviations, and acronyms effectively

influence your readers

  • adopt the “you” attitude and the right tone

  • organize and transition ideas effectively

  • include convincing problem analyses and advice—not just facts

streamline your message

  • communicate findings and “so whats” concisely

  • clarify technical jargon

  • use powerful charts, graphs, and other visual aids when appropriate

write for results

  • edit for impact using checklists and quality tools

  • write straightforward action steps and requests

  • position conclusions and advice strategically.