Strategic Thinking on Paper®

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What outcomes can you expect?

This accelerated workshop takes teams through our reader-centered writing process as they plan the strategy for a high-stakes document—together or as individuals. The process, also applicable to presentations and meetings, is the core of our Write to the Top training. You will learn how to

  • use the Focus Sheet—a strategic tool for creating customer-focused communications

  • generate ideas freely and productively—as a team or individually

  • sequence your content strategically and persuasively

  • delegate communication assignments effectively to yield the outcomes you want

  • use our planning tools to coach others and to help develop their skills.


Develop and apply your strategic thinking skills

During the workshop, participants may create a customer-focused document as a team. You determine the application:

  • develop the strategy behind proposals, reports, or customer letters

  • plan a presentation or meeting

  • focus a strategic plan

  • communicate next year’s objectives

  • rethink your approach to a publication.


Who should attend?

Teams should participate for maximum benefit. Typical graduates include

  • executives who approve and sign critical documents

  • sales, marketing, and service teams

  • strategic planners

  • those leading a company’s shift to a customer-focused culture

  • quality and other process-improvement leaders.

To team leaders who choose to focus the workshop on a team document:

  1. Your time and support are key to the success of this intensive workshop. The process of committing concepts to words may cause you to reassess previous assumptions and involve powerful, sometimes challenging, group work.

  2. After the workshop, consider engaging us to finalize the document plan so you can delegate the actual writing.


Blended learning and tools support ongoing development

  1. Books: Write to the Top®: Writing for Corporate Success (Random House) and the Instant-Answer Guide to Business Writing, by Deborah Dumaine, founder of Better Communications®
  2. Better Communications’ workbook with additional exercises tailored to your needs
  3. Job aids: The Six Steps to Reader-Centered Writing® and the Focus Sheet
  4. Reinforcement by E-mail: 24 content-rich messages reviewing key tools and concepts (optional)


Earn CPE credits for this course.

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