Write to Win Sales®

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What outcomes can you expect?

Your new customer-focused documents will

  • show customers you understand them by targeting only their key needs (value selling approach)

  • capture attention—ahead of the competition

  • increase sales—speed up and direct your customers’ decision-making process

  • increase productivity—write sales documents 30% to 50% faster

  • manage your customers and build long-term relationships

  • help leaders motivate and manage sales teams—from field reps to internal partners

  • send “one voice to the customer.”

Write to Win Sales® focuses on the documents that drive your sales process

As you learn The Six Steps to Reader-Centered Writing®, you will complete documents from your to-do list. You determine the focus based on your sales and marketing priorities. Below are some examples.

  • prospecting letters

  • follow-up e-mail

  • cover e-mail

  • executive summaries

  • memos

  • sales/marketing literature

  • field communications

  • boilerplate documents

  • RFP responses

  • formal proposals

Who should attend?

  • sales people
  • marketing teams
  • sales managers and executives
  • customer-service representatives
  • sales support teams
  • writers of internal and customer sales materials
  • people who communicate to the field
  • proposal writers and editors
  • sales trainers
  • product managers

Blended learning and tools support ongoing development

Our standard program includes

  1. Individual coaching and Personal Learning Plan
  2. Books: Write to the Top: Writing for Corporate Success (Random House) and the Instant-Answer Guide to Business Writing by Deborah Dumaine, founder of Better Communications®
  3. Better Communications’ workbook with additional exercises tailored to your needs
  4. Laminated tip card: The Six Steps to Reader-Centered Writing and the Focus Sheet™
  5. Reinforcement by E-mail™: 24 content-rich messages reviewing key tools and concepts.

Earn CPE credits for this course.

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