Proposal Writing Clinic

Learning objectives focus on results

Participants learn a strategic writing process that focuses on the readers' needs. After the program, learners will be able to

  1. demonstrate an understanding of their clients’ industry, trends, and needs in all communications
  2. outline persuasively how their proposed solution or service supports clients’ needs
  3. structure their proposals for maximum impact
  4. use best practices to achieve consistency within a team of geographically diverse members
  5. work on team presentations towards a shared vision of success
  6. analyze requests for proposals.

Create winning, persuasive proposals

In this consultative, lab-like module, participants work on their own proposals and receive specific feedback from the facilitator. Better Communications® consults with you before the program takes place in order to understand your firm’s proposal writing process and templates.

Topics include

  • working within proposal templates
  • understanding and writing the recommended components for letter and formal proposals
  • overcoming participants' individual proposal challenges.


Proposal writers and editors who have completed Write to Win Sales®. We focus the workshop on the group’s needs. We can customize at your request.

Blended learning and tools support ongoing development

1.       Books: Write to the Top: Writing for Corporate Success (Random House) and the Instant-Answer Guide to Business Writing, by Deborah Dumaine, founder of Better Communications

2.       Laminated job-aid: The Six Steps to Reader-Centered Writing® and the Focus Sheet

3.       Electronic version of the Sales Focus Sheet and/or the Multiple Readers’ Focus Sheet

4.       The Document Analysis and Rating Tool (DART) to guide editing and measure quality

5.       FBI Worksheet

6.       Personal Learning Plan to help with future development