Kirkpatrick level outcomes

We can evaluate our workshops using all four Kirkpatrick rating levels—the most widely used method to evaluate training programs. We measure Level 1 and 2 for every workshop. At our clients' request, we can measure Level 3 and Level 4 with a formal return on investment (ROI).

Kirkpatrick Level

BC Measurement


Level 1: Reaction

Level 1 measures learners’ reactions by using evaluation forms or hearing their responses at the conclusion of a course. This determines how well learners

  • felt the environment supported their learning
  • liked their training experience.

Learners complete post-workshop evaluations.


Graduates consistently give the top two ratings, with

  • 97.9% of learners rating their workshop as very good or good
  • 99.4% of learners rating their facilitator as very good or good.

Level 2: Learning

Level 2 measures the knowledge, attitudes, and skills that learners have understood, absorbed, and attained in a specific course.

We quantify document quality improvement by comparing "before" and "after" workshop documents using the Document Analysis and Rating Tool (DART).

Our graduates' documents typically double in quality, and graduates can apply their improved on-the-job writing skills immediately in daily work.

The new documents serve as inspiring models and can lead to the development of a common culture of communications.

Level 3: Behavior

Level 3 measures how well learners transfer the knowledge and skills they learned into actual workplace performance.

We ask readers to compare learners’ "before" and "after" on-the-job documents.

When surveyed, readers

  • say they prefer reader-centered documents
  • estimate a 50% time savings—they can read the “after” documents twice as quickly.

Level 4: Results

Level 4 emphasizes bottom-line results: the contributions of training to the organization as a whole.

We can measure productivity increases three to six months following the workshop investment.

For sales organizations, we can measure increases in sales from effectively written proposals and presentations.

Our graduates' writing developments produce long-term results:

  • over 70% of our workshop graduates cut their writing time up to 50%.
  • ROI: our clients' advances in writing productivity are giving them a five-to-tenfold return on their training.