“Better Communications’ Six Steps to Reader-Centered Writing are guaranteed to blast you through writer’s block and make your business writing shine.” 

– Ken Blanchard, Co-author of The One Minute Manager

“The first rule of business is ‘Communicate, communicate, communicate.’ The hard truth is, most businesspeople find it hard to write effectively. This book solves the problem! Read it. Use it. It works .”

– Alan Webber, Founding Editor, Fast Company magazine

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– Mike Woodard, Global Learning Leader, GE (formerly Senior Manager of PepsiCo Sales University)

"With Reader-Centered Business Writing and personalized coaching, I have created a high-performing sales team that is achieving record increases in sales and market share while bringing in business faster. I've made written communication a key focus of my strategy. This has allowed us to give clear and concise direction, and it is working."

National Sales Director, Global Pharmaceutical Company

 “Better Communications is far more invested in evaluation than any other business partner we work with. The Results Reports clearly show that the learning is changing behavior and output.” 

— Director, Delivery Strategy – Learning & Development, Financial Services Co.

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“I really enjoyed the lessons and my writing is now much more focused and reader-centered. Thank you again for your powerful, dynamic, and paradigm-shifting writing strategy!” 

— Yu-ying Pai, Senior Quality Management Engineer, Capital Group Companies

“You’ve been SUPER to work with as a partner! Truly you and your organization are role models for collaboration.” 

— Eveline B. Shum, Director, Learning & Development, The AES Corporation

“As consultants to the Fortune 500, we have to be the best, and our writing has to reflect that. Write to the Top® is a true competitive advantage, and the time savings are real. If you want better results from your writing—to open deals, build relationships, and move business forward—this really works. We were amazed by our consultants’ improvements in their basically good writing.”

– Ron, Executive Vice President, BayGroup International

“My documents will be 100% better.”

– Alan, Marketing and Sales, Blue Cross/Blue Shield

“A well-designed, strategic presentation is often the difference between winning and losing a huge account.”

Partner, Big Four Professional Services Company

“You always brought the stats and business case around this program, and I believe it is certainly an imperative skill for leaders and organizations to hone.”

Learning Manager, Financial Company

“I can honestly say that the techniques I learned in this course have helped to change my writing. I'm spending more time in the planning process instead of editing to find the perfect words. I've learned to recognize my audience and cater the message more appropriately.”

– Rachel, Associate, Towers Perrin

“It has changed my life! I feel like the shackles have been removed and I no longer have a fear of writing. Great workshop!”

– Audrey, Account Coordinator, Medco Health Solutions, Inc.

“As an executive coach, I write letters, articles, and proposals to my current clients and potential clients. Write to the Top has given me the confidence and the tools to be more effective. The ideas on planning, focusing, using questions, and creating visually clear documents are key concepts for business writing success.”

– Wendy, Executive Coach, Corley Hanson Associates, Inc.

“This class will help me from now on in every document I create for the rest of my life.”

– Nelson, CNN-Spanish, Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc.

“I was able to identify where and why I get stopped in writing and now have a clear-cut strategy to use every time I write a document.”

– Crystal, IT Training Specialist, Genzyme Corporation

“I just read your workbook and found it well organized and extremely helpful. I am highlighting this fact because many workbooks are not as professional and worthwhile.”

– Karen, EMC University, EMC Corporation

“You have made an enormous impact on our business communications over the last 10 years.”

– Sandy, former Vice President, Hewitt Associates LLC

“In less than one hour, I made more than $3,000 from just one of your ideas when I e-mailed an offer to my subscribers!”

Daniel, PRLEADS.com

“In one day I wrote a document in 20 minutes, which previously would have taken over one hour.”

Jeff, Key Account Manager, The Gillette Company

“The workshop was both enjoyable and worthwhile. My communications have instantly improved. The course exceeded my expectations.”

Steve, Global Advisory & Banking Technology, Merrill Lynch

“A fresh, practical, stimulating approach to writing.”

Connie, Brand Management/PR, The Weather Channel

“Of all the vendors I use, I know I can count on Better Communications to send me super instructors. They are the only firm where I don’t require a meeting with a new instructor. They’re always top notch.”

Linda, former Director of Training, Bank of New England/ Fleet Bank