Better Communications®’ president and founder, Deborah Dumaine, is the author of the best-selling book: Write to the Top®: Writing for Corporate Success. With the Better Communications team, she also published the Instant-Answer Guide to Business Writing. A contributor to the Business Communication edition of the Harvard Business Essentials book series, Deborah is also a business writing content provider for the Harvard ManageMentor® online program.

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Write to the Top: Writing for Corporate Success By Deborah DumaineWrite to the Top:
Writing for Corporate Success

By Deborah Dumaine

Paperback: 280 Pages
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 0812968980-available on


The Write to the Top process helps you write clear, Reader-Centered documents that drive action and get results.

Productivity--it's vital to corporate and personal success. Yet business people spend countless hours deciphering vague and rambling written messages. The results: information overload, sluggish operations, delayed decisions, and plummeting morale.

Quality--when you receive a business document, e-mail, letter, report, or proposal, do you immediately know what it's about? Do you know what you're supposed to do about it? When you send messages, do your readers act on them? They quickly will, if you use the proven Write to the Top process.

Put The Six Steps to Reader-Centered Writing® to work to help you

  • sell your ideas or services more effectively
  • write up to twice as fast and save time for your busy readers, too
  • break through writer's block
  • target your readers' needs
  • demonstrate your leadership in writing
  • design documents for visual impact and easier navigation
  • improve your ability to think strategically, propose solutions, and speed up decision making.

IAG cover newInstant-Answer Guide to Business Writing: An A-Z Source for Today's Business Writer
By Deborah Dumaine

Paperback: 512 Pages
ISBN: 0595267300-available on

Fast, accurate answers to all your business writing questions will be at your fingertips when you put this handy, carry-it-anywhere reference to work for you. Packed with practical guidance and real-world examples, it helps you

  • write better business documents in half the time
  • generate e-mails that command attention
  • create presentations and reports that achieve results
  • avoid embarrassing grammar and usage mistakes
  • use visuals to maximum effect
  • avoid redundancy, stiff phrasing, and "bureaucratic" writing
  • make every word count
  • design winning proposals
  • handle complex technical topics with ease
  • learn the fine art of sending bad news
  • organize formal documents for impact
  • choose from many sample documents for inspiration.

Harvard Business Essentials: Business Communication By Richard Luecke with Series Adviser Mary MunterHarvard Business Essentials: Business Communication
By Richard Luecke with Series Adviser Mary Munter
(With contributions by Deborah Dumaine)

Paperback: 161 Pages
Publisher: Harvard Business School Press
ISBN: 159139113X-available on

Business Communication, part of the Harvard Business Essentials Series, provides comprehensive, concise advice on business writing and presentations. Deborah Dumaine, founder and president of Better Communications, contributed content and implementation tools on strategic writing and writing productivity-including start-up strategies, writing a draft, editing, visual design, and e-mail. For more information, please visit