Measurable results: visible change in documents

Proven behavioral change

The proof of behavioral change is right in the documents learners write after the program. It is visible and measurable. We measure improvement and learning with the Document Analysis and Rating Tool (DART)™ and Kirkpatrick level ratings. Measurement quantifies productivity and document quality while helping learners lock in their new skills.

bc_dart_logo-1Document quality measurement with the DART

After workshops, you will receive a Results Report that summarizes not only learners’ quality-improvement scores based on our innovative DART, but also estimated gains in productivity.

We stand by these typical results:

  • quality: our innovative assessment tools show that learners double the quality of their documents
  • speed: learners show a 30% to 50% gain in writing productivity—and their readers estimate reading documents in half the time.

Learners are urged to use this tool after the workshop to keep their documents on track. Additionally, the DART is an objective standard that managers can use to coach their people and build a culture of clear communication. Your Results Report summarizes the “before” and “after” DART scores for each learner.

“I was able to identify where and why I get stopped in writing and now have a clear-cut strategy to use every time I write a document.”

– Crystal, IT Training Specialist, Genzyme Corporation

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