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Subject: Web-based CRM


We should really get going on this project as soon as possible. Anna told us in that meeting last week that the new CRM would reduce our sales cycle, which would be great. She also said the sales team would have an easier time tracking leads because it live updates mobile devices. When they are on the road they’ll be able to get new and relevant information—I can think of a couple times when that would have been very helpful recently! Marketing would also like to be able to personalize our e-marketing efforts more because the current e-blasts are boring. The new CRM would let us do that, too.

I know sales and marketing can’t get final approval until August 1, but I want everyone to know the game plan and agree to it ahead of time so we can hit the ground running. Let’s say July 29th at the latest? We need the contract all set by the fifteenth of August to lock in the low annual subscription fee for the next two years (it’s going to increase in six months). Accounting needs to look over that. We should plant to install in September at the end of the week (Friday) to avoid disrupting the whole workweek. IT can you pick a date and coordinate with the installation crew?

Sound good? Let me know if you guys have any questions. Tx.


Subject: Please respond by 7/29: Suggesting immediate migration to web-based CRM

Hello team:

Thanks for sharing your ideas in our meeting last week. It was an excellent brainstorm session—we are really making headway!

Acting now will lock in low annual subscription fee
The annual subscription fee will increase in the next six months. If we sign a contract now, we will secure the current fee for the next two years; we should move on this opportunity immediately.

How will the new web-based CRM benefit us?

reduce our sales cycle
• provide immediate access to relevant data for our mobile workforce

track leads better
• track our marketing efforts and ROI
• make client information easy to update and accessible on the road

energize our e-marketing
• create personalized e-blasts that replace our generic newsletters

Actions requested and suggested deadlines
1. Sales and Marketing—August 1: Get final approval.
2. Accounting—August 15: Move forward with contracting.
3. IT—August 22: Coordinate with the installation crew to plan our migration (pick a Friday in September).

Next steps—your thoughts and suggestions by July 29
If there is anything you’d like to include or change, please let me know as soon as possible. I appreciate your time and effort!

Best regards,