Open Seminars

At the Better Communications Offices or on WebEx

We offer Reader-Centered Business Writing™, our flagship corporate program, to individual learners either online or at the Better Communications Offices at The Ariel Group in Lexington, MA. We also offer additional workshops as online open seminars.

Neighboring companies can also combine forces and sponsor public seminars jointly. We are happy to assist you in coordinating a joint session.

Clear writing boosts your career success in any business climate
You will be amazed by the speed with which colleagues and clients respond to your new writing. Your reputation as a clear communicator will become an asset and enhance your personal brand.

Who attends Open Seminars?
Major corporations send their people to our Open Seminars for the same world-class learning that they would receive at an onsite workshop.

How do you benefit from our Open Seminars?
By applying our proven process, The Six Steps to Reader-Centered Writing®, to any document, you will

  • write 30% to 50% faster—increasing your productivity
  • cut reading time by 50% for your busy readers—increasing their productivity
  • drive action and speed up business processes
  • create documents your readers will reach for first
  • improve your ability to think strategically.

Reader-Centered Business Writing™

Quality writing drives action and productivity The Six Steps to Reader-Centered Writing® help set standards for quality writing. This ensures…
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“A well-designed, strategic presentation is often the difference between winning and losing a huge account.”

– Partner, Big Four Professional Services Company