Solution: Writing as a leadership tool

Leaders tell us that to set direction and gain followership, your written words must be transparent—and authentic. It’s up to you to create a relationship through writing that communicates a positive outlook, while addressing genuine concerns.

Writing is a vital tool for engaging and developing your people. Is your written feedback constructive and actionable? As a leader, you must give feedback in writing daily. This can be daunting, especially with a culturally diverse audience. There are simple strategies that you can learn to coach, influence, and inspire through your writing.

Navigating change and complexity

Your writing should drive your company’s strategy and be a key tool for engaging and developing your people. As leaders, you face the white water of change and growing complexity every day. Does your writing support your company’s vision and strategy? Does it create a clear path to culture change? Reader-centered writing can be a lifeline back to clarity and productivity.

You can build your leadership brand

Better Communications gives you clear writing techniques that will motivate your people and inspire trust. Learn the tools and skills to make your documents stand out.

Three solutions focus on the specific challenges and pitfalls of leadership writing

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