Solution: Improving sales

Your writing should help you win every day!

Your value proposition must be clear in every e-mail, proposal, and presentation. You can use our easy writing strategies and techniques to

  • express customer focus powerfully
  • help you stand out from the noise
  • bring the business home.

Are you using the strongest writing strategies to deepen relationships with prospects and customers?

Building client relationships is key to sales success—your words must distinguish you every day. In the daily barrage of messaging, most sales forces and customer service teams are missing a huge opportunity to make writing their strategic advantage.

Armed with an easy-to-learn process and helpful tools, your team will prepare documents that

  • reflect your brand consistency and excellence
  • increase your win rate—speed up and direct your customers’ decision-making process
  • deepen customer relationships through reader-centered writing
  • deliver proposals that your prospects reach for ahead of the competition’s
  • motivate and manage people from field representatives to internal partners.

Measurable results

One of our graduates, who is in pharmaceutical sales, recently shared her story with us. Her target prospects, doctors, were not reading her e-mail messages.

She wrote two e-mail drafts during her workshop. The first message—to a doctor who had never responded in the past—received an answer in 11 minutes, and she got a response to her second e-mail in 6 minutes!

Three workshops focus on documents that drive your sales process

Before & After: Sales email

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“With Reader-Centered Business Writing™ and personalized coaching, I have created a high-performing sales team that is achieving record increases in sales and market share while bringing in business faster. I’ve made written communication a key focus of my strategy. This has allowed us to give clear and concise direction, and it is working.”

– National Sales Director, Global Pharmaceutical Company

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