Solution: Train your global workforce to write in one voice

Every industry faces the same challenges: meeting aggressive timetables and goals. Clients report that more than 71% of decisions are made in writing. Poor writing—internal or external, global or local—can be as damaging as a defect in your supply chain.

Does this sound familiar?

It’s almost five o’clock p.m. in New York. Your team writes up project specifications for your offices in Beijing, hits send, and goes offline for the night. Two hours later, your Beijing office opens, but work is at a standstill because the instructions are confusing. The team loses a full day of work waiting for the New York office to open and clarify.

There is a better way. Your team can easily learn The Six Steps to Reader-Centered Writing® to

  • overcome communication barriers
  • prevent errors
  • unite your organization.

Our clients achieve a sustainable writing culture branded by clear, powerful communication.

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