Reader-Centered Audit Writing™

What outcomes can you expect?

In this workshop specially designed for auditors, teams and individuals will learn our reader-centered approach to writing audit documents. By applying our six-step process, learners will create consultative audit reports that win cooperation. They will learn how to

  • present findings and recommendations in a professional manner
  • reinforce the audit quality with an effective report
  • complete reports up to 50% faster
  • avoid sounding negative when giving constructive criticism
  • encourage action with persuasive suggestions
  • improve relations with the auditee with the Interpersonal Checklist for Auditors
  • develop strategic thinking skills
  • strategically review audit report drafts.

The focus: creating business documents that drive action

Write attention-getting documents

  • Design audit reports for visual impact
  • Analyze and plan for readers
  • Write a good executive summary
  • Overcome writer’s block

Influence readers

  • Adopt the “you” attitude
  • Choose the right words, content, and tone
  • Use the positive approach
  • Organize and transition ideas effectively
  • Sound objective, non-judgmental

Streamline the message

  • Avoid gobbledygook
  • Streamline sentences for conciseness
  • Choose between long and short reports

Write for results

  • Edit for results using checklists
  • Critique constructively
  • Check for logic

Blended learning and tools support ongoing development

  1. Books: Write to the Top®: Writing for Corporate Success (Random House) and the Instant-Answer Guide to Business Writing, by Deborah Dumaine, founder of Better Communications®
  2. Better Communications’ workbook with additional exercises tailored to your needs
  3. Job aids: The Six Steps to Reader-Centered Writing® and the Focus Sheet

Workshop Expectations:

  • Write attention-getting documents
  • Influence readers
  • Streamline the message
  • Write for results

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